Strategic Partners

NetSafe’s work is made possible by sponsorship including our strategic partners the Ministry of Education and InternetNZ.

The Ministry of Education

This New Zealand government department is tasked with developing a national curriculum which supports the adoption and responsible use of technology in schools.

NetSafe works with the Ministry and educators at every level of the NZ education system to foster learning opportunities appropriate for a globally connected environment.

We have evolved from a protection focused model – where youth were considered at risk online – to the development of a student centered ‘digital citizenship’ model where schools can use our Learn Guide Protect framework to help students develop critical thinking and media literacy skills to keep themselves safe.

The Ministry is currently involved in the development of online resources and learning environments that are suitable for a nation seeking to benefit from the roll out of high speed fibre-based broadband and NetSafe will continue to support the MoE and other partners as educational technology evolves.


InternetNZ is a non-profit open membership organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the internet in New Zealand.

NetSafe is funded with the aim of promoting education around internet use and we benefit from the networks that exist among the community membership.

InternetNZ’s primary objective is “high performance and unfettered access for all” and we are working to provide suitable related topics for discussion at the 2011 NetHui event’s Digital Citizenship strand.

Other partners

NetSafe  has also worked on individual projects funded by commercial partners and funds and we look to build strong relationships with organisations across New Zealand, the pacific and the global cybersafety community.

The orb website was the result of open dialogue between government departments, law enforcement and other agencies working in the field of consumer protection.

As the technological landscape continues to development, NetSafe welcomes new partnerships that will help create a nation with the creative capacity and depth of knowledge to benefit from the internet wherever it can be accessed.