Below you'll find the most common questions asked by people contacting NetSafe for help and advice. We constantly add new information in Q and A format and the most recent is listed at top

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How can I report internet issues to NetSafe?

NetSafe offers multiple channels for reporting your concerns about a range of digital challenges. Contact NetSafe staff via our free helpline 0508 NETSAFE, by email or report online via the Pond and ORB websites.


What is RealMe?

The RealMe service is a New Zealand government initiative to provide Kiwis with a single login to access multiple online services


Smartphone Security: 12 Tips for Protecting Your Digital Device

Smartphones should also be considered computing devices that need protecting against emerging issues like malware – malicious software – and can open you up to phishing and smiting attacks more commonly encountered on home computers.

Dealing with a lost phone

I’ve lost my phone. What do I do now?

More than 1 in 4 Kiwis have lost a mobile phone. Here’s what to do if you lose yours or want to checkmate the status of used smartphone before parting with cash for a handset that may have been IMEI blocked.

Codenomicon's Heartbleed Bug Logo

What is the Heartbleed Bug and what do I need to do about it?

Publication of the Heartbleed Bug means that cyber criminals have a potential new way to extract login information – internet users need to play their part in improving their own online security by changing their passwords.

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Cloud service providers and key issues for New Zealand schools

An overview of cloud computing issues for New Zealand schools – how to identify and assess cloud service providers and the key issues for principals, boards and trustees to consider


How can I complain about

Having trouble using Get advice on how to report other users breaching the website terms of service


How can I security check my computer?

If you’ve clicked on a recent phishing email link, here’s a range of scanning tools for identifying and removing viruses and malware from your computer

Dealing with a lost phone

How can I report txt spam?

You can submit a spam complaint for investigation through the DIA website or use their new SMS service, 7726

Online product ideas for children

Can you help me develop an online product or website for children?

If you are researching compliance, privacy or online safety issues for a new business idea aimed at children, we have put this list of resources together to investigate

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