This is the full set of NetSafe resources we have available on a range of cybersafety topics - each one is a stand alone website dedicated to issues including general cybersafety, cyberbullying, scams and computer security:

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Bullying Prevention and Response – A guide for schools

This Bullying Prevention and Response guide (updated in 2015) was published in response to calls from the education sector for information on preventing and responding to bullying. Primarily designed for school principals, staff and Boards of Trustees, the guide includes links to resources that may also be useful for students and their families and whānau. It […]

Digital Technology – Safe and responsible use in schools. A Guide for Schools

Education is changing. Digital technologies are everywhere and they are impacting what, where, how and why students learn, and who they learn from. Many schools are using digital technologies like the internet, laptops and tablets to quickly, easily and cost- effectively connect students with the huge range of digital services and resources. However, the many […]

A Parents’ Guide to Instagram

Few could argue that online technologies have not had a substantial impact on the lives of all New Zealanders. But as we learn the skills we need to share, post, tag, and like online, there are rights and responsibilities that must be understood as well. The challenge for parents then is to become that knowledgeable guide, to be able to assist them, and to ensure that they are well prepared for their online experiences in the future.


Growing Digital Citizens

The NetSafe Kit for Schools has been helping schools to build safer digital learning environments since its first iteration in 2001. Learn about our self-assessment framework that helps you measure your school’s progress towards developing a safe learning environment against key online safety and digital citizenship markers.


Staying Safe Online: Cybersafety tips from NZ’s leading online companies

A new booklet from some of the internet’s most popular digital platforms


OWLS. Wise words on Privacy

OWLS is a resource to help teachers teach internet privacy issues to primary and intermediate school students.

Cyberbullying: advice for young people, parents and teachers

1 in 5 New Zealand high school students have reported being cyberbullied – find out how to deal with online harassment

Advent Calendar style cyber safety and security tips

Cybersafety Advent Calendar

Our very own Advent Calendar has 24 pieces of yuletide cyber safety and security know-how with timely reminders on how to keep yourself and those around you safe online over the festive season


The NetSafe Kit for Schools

The NetSafe Kit for Schools sets out a comprehensive programme of cybersafety for New Zealand schools and covers key issues for staff, parents and students

NetSafe Conference 2012

NetSafe Conference 2012

Wellington, 26th and 27th November 2012 – register to attend this event for cyber safety and security specialists

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