This is the full set of NetSafe resources we have available on a range of cybersafety topics - each one is a stand alone website dedicated to issues including general cybersafety, cyberbullying, scams and computer security:

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Staying Safe Online: Cybersafety tips from NZ’s leading online companies

A new booklet from some of the internet’s most popular digital platforms


OWLS. Wise words on Privacy

OWLS is a resource to help teachers teach internet privacy issues to primary and intermediate school students.

Cyberbullying: advice for young people, parents and teachers

1 in 5 New Zealand high school students have reported being cyberbullied – find out how to deal with online harassment

Advent Calendar style cyber safety and security tips

Cybersafety Advent Calendar

Our very own Advent Calendar has 24 pieces of yuletide cyber safety and security know-how with timely reminders on how to keep yourself and those around you safe online over the festive season


The NetSafe Kit for Schools

The NetSafe Kit for Schools sets out a comprehensive programme of cybersafety for New Zealand schools and covers key issues for staff, parents and students

NetSafe Conference 2012

NetSafe Conference 2012

Wellington, 26th and 27th November 2012 – register to attend this event for cyber safety and security specialists


Fraud Awareness Week 2012

NetSafe is supporting Fraud Awareness Week 2012: watch our video on the car shipping scam to learn more…

NetSafe Kit for ECE

The NetSafe Kit for ECE

Early childhood education providers are rapidly discovering the potential benefits technologies such as the internet, email and digital photography bring to children’s learning and development – the Kit helps ECE providers manage the associated risks


Challenging Risk: NZ High-school Students’ Activity, Challenge, Distress, and Resiliency, within Cyberspace

NetSafe’s approach to cyberbullying is inspired by evidence based research undertaken between 2007 and 2011 by Research Manager Dr John Fenaughty as part of his doctoral thesis at the University of Auckland


LGP: a student-centered approach to teaching and learning about cybersafety

The focus of cybersafety has expanded beyond policies and procedures to include discussion, action, and teachable moments in the classroom. In response to the changing needs of schools, NetSafe has developed the Learn: Guide: Protect: framework

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