Cyberbullying: advice for young people, parents and teachers


In 2007, 1 in 5 New Zealand high school students reported being cyberbullied and media attention on the issue has increased dramatically since NetSafe first undertook research on the problem.

For those not familiar with the term, cyberbullying is bullying. It’s using the internet, a mobile phone or other technology like a digital camera to hurt somebody, harass or embarrass them.

Children grow up today with access to more and more technology, quickly adapting to new ways of communicating and often use the internet and mobiles phones as the main way to reach friends 24/7.

This access to technology also means that bullying can happen outside school wherever and however a child communicates with friends ‐ on websites, online chat and on their mobile phone.

NetSafe cyberbullying information and advice:

We have a dedicated website providing cyberbullying resources for young people, parents and teachers.

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NetSafe is dedicated to providing evidence based advice on cyberbullying and we welcome comments from anyone affected by it.

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  1. Noleen Konui says:

    this sort of thing should not go on, whats the world coming to? The police should have monitoring around the clock. people who cyber bully are always bullied themselves so they try and get back at the world…Shame on you clowns doing the bullying

  2. Taylor says:

    I think its stupid, how people can get away with bullying, and nothing is being done about it. Its good that people are telling kids to be aware of it, but really why would you want to hurt someone online? Its cowardly. If you have a problem, say it out loud so people know, and people can help you solve it. Instead of hiding at home behind a computer screen or using your phone. If you really dislike someone so much as to harass them online, talk to someone about it, try ignore them and move on with your life.

  3. kyla says:

    i dont get what bullies problems are they have no right to ruin other peoples lives, just cause they might have problems. then adults go putting it in our heads that you can just ignore them. thats not what happens, no matter what you say or think it just keeps happening. And yea its good to talk to adults about it, but sometimes it is scary to and you can talk to others. It doesnt have to be a counciller or a parent. Sometimes your friends are the only people you can talk to and thats okay. but if something serious happens tell someone, they can help you and you dont have to be scared. kids always say “tell a teacher or adult but it never happens. You dont tell them because what do they care and they dont understand what its like. To be fair they do help, alot. But sometimes just think and dont say anything, you cant ignore someone who sits next to you or is in your class and you have to do something with them. Get someone to approach them and not in an intimidating way. Just get them to ask why theyre doing it and try to get it sorted. If you get a bully in trouble or you taddle it’ll get worse. try and sort it face to face in a calm, leveled enviroment.
    I dont and never will understand the thoughts of a bully and no one who isnt a bully will understand either and even though we try to explain it saying they have problems or that they’ve been bullied. Its not true……
    shame on bullies it doesnt make you cool or happy….

  4. Celeste says:

    Hate pages seem to be getting more worse on Facebook. im living proof that hate pages are happning. there have been 3 posted about me so far and this guy doesn’t even know me! he has never meet me in real life and hes hating on me because i blocked him! its really stupid and i feel like i cant do anything about it! if he keeps going im sure it comes under harassment. anyway my advice to the world is be VERY careful who you and your kids are adding on facebook. because there is alot of bullying going on and its not on!

  5. Olivia says:

    me being a victim of cyberbully, its not okay! cant people just grow up? i mean seriously? to all those bullys out there… get a life!? and stop ruining everybody elses! its not fair.
    my bestfriend died, bcoz she was beeing bullied, and yet its still hapening? gosh! what is your problem???? stop for 5 minutes and look at ur self in the mirror and ask… “am i happy with the way im treating people?” if so? CHANGE!

    • Lauren says:

      I totally agree with you Olivia! If you don’t mind I would LOVE to use your comment on my paper about bullying and cyberbullying!!

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