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NetSafe has recently had a number of reports of Facebook pages being set up to facilitate people posting malicious, distressing, unkind and rude comments about others – sometimes anonymously.

Some of the comments have been quite shocking. These pages violate Facebook terms in 2 ways:

  1. Facebook profiles are designed to represent a private individual using Facebook, and these accounts did not.
  2. This is a much more obvious violation. Facebook doesn’t tolerate bullying or harassment in any form – whether that be through messages, pages, profiles or any other type of content that can be created on Facebook.

The link to report profiles, pages and most other types of content are located on the bottom left column of the page.

Anyone can and should use this mechanism to flag abusive pages immediately.

If more information is needed, please contact NetSafe or send an email to


  1. linwessels says:

    But what can be done to remedy the situation once a “hate” page or character assassination page has been created? Hundreds of people have already reported it to Facebook countless times and yet it remains. : (

    • Chris Hails says:

      Hi linwessels, that’s a very good question – offline law would suggest a civil offence of defamation or similar could possibly allow you to take action and perhaps seek redress/punishment if the page meets a level of offence and proof in your country.

      Newspapers have always had to be wary of publishing false accusations and I believe in most countries publishing a hate page online could well be approached under similar laws.

      This of course can be a protracted process and may well be expensive too if you need to involve law enforcement or a lawyer to get IP addresses and the offender identified via Facebook and/or their ISP. Plus of course it can be an international issue that complicates things further.

      If you are in NZ then email NetSafe from the contact page and we may be able to help get the page taken down. If you are overseas try and contact a similar cybersafety body there for help as Facebook do have ties with many national bodies like us.

  2. Karen Halabura says:

    Well that page is still up don’t think its active but not sure as I’ve reported every single post which then disappears from my view. I have reported the page many times too. Nothing…Facebook doesn’t give a care about those of us who were targeted. Although Facebook has become a place for the childish acts such as these. I can’t do much about being on this page but Facebook has lost most of my business. I am almost fulltime on Google + where actual quality content is posted. I don’t see any drama or junk like this going on. The posts are all informative and quality conversations. Showing that Facebook has decided they will keep all their followers as much as possible by letting pages like these. Heck I’ve been reporting a page that is targeting special needs people part of the pages name uses the (R) word I report it often its been a couple of months that I came across that page reporting it almost daily and facebook does nothing. Facebook should be ashamed of their childish content.

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