Facebook: reporting fake and imposter profiles



There are many different issues which can arise on Facebook like imposter profiles, being locked out of your account, being tagged in photos you didn’t want to be posted, abusive messages on your page or about you on someone else’s page.

The most common query we have from Facebook users and educators is how to report and/or block a fake profile.

You can report a profile that violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities by clicking the “Report/Block this Person” link in the bottom left column of the profile, usually underneath the list of friends.

The most important part of these terms of use is buried in Section 3 – Safety: “You will not bully, intimidate, or harass any user”.

Facebook say that reports of offensive material will be responded to and the target informed of the steps that will be taken against the offender within 72 hours. In our experience it can take anywhere between 1 hour and several weeks for profiles to be removed but it helps if you ask friends to also report a profile and choose carefully from the options listed on the form.

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  1. mark talbot says:

    hi my name is mark talbot, i have left u my girlfriends email address because i don’t have 1 at the minute, there are 2 accounts on facebook in my name with my pictures on then, but i have not set then up my self, could u please delet an block then , i am in contact the police an they asked me to report it 2 you first see if they can be taken off

  2. Janet says:

    In my junk mail, I think i am getting alot of spam from Facebook or other sources , saying up date password etc. But when I hover over the email address , it shows alot of random letters and different addresses everytime. I dear not click into them , as i really think its spam.

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