How and where to report website abuse

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Facebook family safety centre screenshot

Most popular websites take the safety of their users seriously, often providing online forms to report incidents direct to the provider.

Look for ‘Report Abuse’ or ‘Block’ buttons on every page or at the bottom of the website among ‘Help’ or ‘Support’ pages.

You should read the ‘Terms of Use/Service’ or Site Rules published on the website and mention how you think another user has broken these rules in your complaint.

We have provided direct links to the sites we deal with most frequently – these links may move or stop working so please let us know if you have difficulties contacting a website for help by leaving a comment below.


With almost 700m members and 60% of Kiwi internet users now using Facebook, 1 in 7 of our monthly requests for help or information (by phone and email) is connected with Facebook.

Review all our Facebook advice or use these links to report problems:


Reporting Abuse


For YouTube video complaints and Blogger blog sites:

Blogger Violation Report
YouTube Contact Form


MSN / Windows Live Messenger


Terms of Use Abuse Report


Report fake (phishing) emails
Report fake (spoof) websites


Trademark Abuse
Twitter Account Impersonation


Yahoo! Messenger Abuse
Yahoo! Mail Abuse

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