How can I prevent cyberbullying?

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NetSafe have created a dedicated cyberbullying website which offers practical guidance for young peopleparents and caregivers and teachers and principals who want help to understand and deal with bullying that takes place in cyberspace.

NetSafe believe parents should reassure their child that they will not remove their technology as a knee‐jerk reaction to problems including cyberbullying.

Young people tell us that fear of losing access to their computer or mobile phone is one of the reasons why they often don’t report cyberbullying.

Advice for parents:

  • Tell younger children to be careful who they give their mobile number to and not  to pass on friends’ numbers without asking them first.
  • Remind children not to respond to texts from people they don’t know. In some cases, bullies send out random texts and wait to see who responds.
  • Talk with your child about how images, if posted online or sent on a mobile phone, could get sent on to others and be used to bully or embarrass them.
  • Discuss the concepts behind cyberbullying and see if they understand the issues – it’s important that young people who witness others being bullied offer support to the victim or report it

NetSafe have more information for people already suffering  the effects of cyberbullying.


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