How can I report txt spam?

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Spam is the term given to unwanted junk emails or text messages you may receive from individuals or companies in New Zealand and from across the globe.

Spam complaints are dealt with by the Department of Internal Affairs Electronic Messaging Compliance Unit who are based in Wellington and investigate alleged breaches of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.

Report spam messages to the DIA via 7726You can submit a spam complaint for investigation through their website or use their new SMS service.

Complain about unsolicited commercial TXT messages

  1. TXT spam complaints to 7726
    Forward the offending messages from your phone free of charge to the SPAM (7726) short code.
  2. Visit the mobi site to finish making your complaint
    Complainants will receive a TXT message response containing a hyperlink to the new mobi site:

The mobi site enables the user to complete a few more details on their mobile phone or hand-held device and to provide any further information regarding their complaint.

The hyperlink will also include a reference ID number unique to the complaint. This enables the DIA team to match the complaint details to the TXT spam.

Visit the Complain About Spam page for answers to common questions about making spam complaints.

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