How do I use the Vodafone Blacklist service?


Text bullying Vodafone Blacklist service

Text bullying has been an issue that New Zealand telecoms providers have been keen to respond to in an effective way.

Vodafone New Zealand now offer a free service for blocking unwanted txt and pxt messages. 2 degrees mobile have made comments in the media indicating they are planning to roll out a similar service.

We have listed the text based commands below – for more information see the text blocking page on the Vodafone website.

Vodafone Blacklist Commands free TXT to 713

* Add a number to Blacklist – BLACKLIST ADD (mobile number)

* View your Blacklist – ‘BLACKLIST SHOW’

* Remove a number – BLACKLIST REMOVE (mobile number)

* Remove all numbers – BLACKLIST REMOVE ALL

* Turn Blacklist off – BLACKLIST OFF

* Blacklist Help – BLACKLIST HELP


  1. Grayson says:

    I want to do this. but i am on telecom. how can i do this or what can i do ??

    • Chris Hails says:

      Hi Grayson, to the best of our knowledge Telecom does not yet offer a similar blacklist service – best to call them from your phone and ask direct if they have similar tools or can suggest another way to screen out numbers

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