Privacy and Copyright Declaration

Privacy Declaration

This is the website of NetSafe. No personal information is collected without visitor knowledge. We do not accept commercial advertising for our site, do not endorse any product and do not collect data for any other organisation or business.

Statistics of the date, duration and geographic origin of site visits and the pages viewed during that visit are collected, but individual visitor's identities are not recorded.

Emails can be sent to NetSafe from any page of this website. Records of these emails are confidential and held for a period of 12 months, after which they are destroyed (unless the query is on-going). NetSafe will obtain the sender's permission before forwarding any query on to another organisation for resolution, except in a situation judged 'life-threatening' by staff where help will be sought immediately from an appropriate agency.

Copyright Notice

Copyright in this website (including text, graphics, logos, recordings and software) is owned or licensed by NetSafe Incorporated.

Copying or reproduction of the material on this website for bona fide educational purposes is permitted. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in the foregoing allows any copying or reproduction, for any purpose, of material on any other related website, including the websites available at: and

Copying, adaptation, transmission, or reproduction of, or any other dealing with, any part of this website in any form or by any means or in any media for any form of commercial purpose is expressly prohibited.

Trade mark notice
NETSAFE, HECTOR PROTECTOR, HECTOR'S WORLD, MING YUE, CONSTABLE SOLOSOLAVE, RANJEET, TAMA, KUI, SPRAT, and the HECTOR PROTECTOR, MING YUE, CONSTABLE SOLOSOLAVE, RANJEET, TAMA, KUI and SPRAT figures/logos are trade marks of Internet Safety Group Incorporated and may only be used with the prior written permission of the owner in each specific instance.


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