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The orb website ( has been developed by NetSafe to offer all New Zealanders a simple and secure way to report their concerns about online incidents.

We are working with partner agencies to direct your reports through to the organisation best able to investigate or advise you on various types of online incidents that include:

  • scams and frauds
  • spam messages
  • objectionable material
  • privacy breaches and
  • problems whilst shopping online.

Our partners currently include: NZ Police, the Department of Internal Affairs, the Privacy Commissioner, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the Commerce Commission, the Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection and the New Zealand Customs Service.

Help NetSafe keep New Zealanders safe online

If you’ve had a bad experience online submit a report today and we’ll see if NetSafe or one of our partners can help.

By sharing your experience we can build up a picture of  new scams targeting the country and take steps to publicise the best ways to stay safe through our partners and media contacts.


  1. Mirjana Sabljak says:

    Hello there, I was member of a Senior date agency for 6 months and have very bad experience. I have reported it to the Agency but they say there is nothing they can do. The pattern of the scamers is always the same: an American deployed to Afghanistan planing to move to Australia or New Zealand; a widowers who treated late wives “as ladies” and all of them died from cancer; their next marriage was disastrous, eg. infidelity, abuse, other men’s child; sexually abused childhood; no parents, foster care; they are very rich now, one have gold mines in Africa, another has a villa in Caribbean, one was a general in Afghanistan, one has a exclusive jewellery shop in Manhattan; their letters are full of love and promises, real melody for naive, vulnerable woman, especially old ladies who are their target; finally, they are robbed and left without everything and need financial help. Who believes in these fairy tales in a way deserves to be scammed. Be careful and use common sense. Greetings from Mimi

  2. Chris Hails says:

    Many thanks for your comment Mirijana and that insight into romance scams and online dating and the need for common sense.

    When we analysed the first year of Orb reports we found that romance scams were in fact the most financially devastating – see

    Anyone using online dating sites or making new friends via chat, email or Facebook should be sure to follow safety guidance provided by the sites and ensure they think before sending any money overseas.

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