How can I set up a cybersafety policy and use agreements for ECE personnel?

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ECE Cybersafety policies

Since our formation in 1998, NetSafe has established a series of cybersafety use agreements and policy documents for use within an ECE setting.

These documents can be used alongside our NetSafe Kit for ECE which provides a cybersafety model based on internationally recognised principles.

ECE managers can choose between downloading a simple cybersafety policy document in Word format for tailoring to their own needs or they can explore a combined staff use agreement and cybersafety policy which will establish best practice amongst your staff.

We also offer a use agreement template for parents and caregivers. Please note: these documents date from 2006 and are we are currently in the process of revising them.

Adapt the templates to your needs

We recommend you modify these documents to suit your centre and where necessary consult a lawyer if you choose to undertake an audit of equipment and staff owned devices.




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