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Safer Internet Day 2015: Let’s Create A Better Internet Together

Safer Internet Day is celebrated worldwide to encourage the safe and positive use of the internet and digital technologies


OWLS. Wise words on Privacy

OWLS is a resource to help teachers teach internet privacy issues to primary and intermediate school students.

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Cloud service providers and key issues for New Zealand schools

An overview of cloud computing issues for New Zealand schools – how to identify and assess cloud service providers and the key issues for principals, boards and trustees to consider

Cyberbullying: advice for young people, parents and teachers

1 in 5 New Zealand high school students have reported being cyberbullied – find out how to deal with online harassment

Advent Calendar style cyber safety and security tips

Cybersafety Advent Calendar

Our very own Advent Calendar has 24 pieces of yuletide cyber safety and security know-how with timely reminders on how to keep yourself and those around you safe online over the festive season


The NetSafe Kit for Schools

The NetSafe Kit for Schools sets out a comprehensive programme of cybersafety for New Zealand schools and covers key issues for staff, parents and students

Wi Fi safety in schools

Wi-Fi safety in New Zealand schools

The National Radiation Laboratory advises the Ministry of Education on wireless network safety – with regards to student and staff health – and has guidance for school staff and BOTs

YouTube: practical advice for teachers

Practical advice for schools using YouTube videos

Teachers frequently use YouTube videos in class – NetSafe has now compiled practical advice on the educational exemptions of the NZ Copyright Act and using copyrighted video resources in schools

ECE Cybersafety policies

How can I set up a cybersafety policy and use agreements for ECE personnel?

NetSafe has established a series of cybersafety use agreements and policy documents for use within an ECE setting – download them here


Can I download music and videos from YouTube? Am I breaking copyright law?

The recent amendment to NZ copyright law has got many internet users worried they may be unintentionally breaking copyright laws when they watch, stream or download material from YouTube and other online sites and services.

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