NetSafe articles on Facebook

Nik Cubrilovic: Facebook with two browsers

Should I use a separate browser to use Facebook securely?

Facebook has upset users with revelations about tracking logged out social networkers as they move around the web. Here’s advice from Australian blogger Nik Cubrilovic on setting up two browsers


Facebook gossip and rumour pages

Creating a fake profile on Facebook to bully or harass other people has become a popular activity. Learn how to block and report anonymous abuse

Facebook family safety centre screenshot

Top Tips for Staying Secure on Facebook

The Facebook safety team have produced a new guide to help users of the social network stay safe and avoid malware scams. Tips include logging in over https (SSL) and one time passwords when accessing the site from a borrowed computer

Facebook family safety centre screenshot

How and where to report website abuse

Most popular websites take the safety of their users seriously – find out how to report harassment and abuse

Cybersafety and ICT policies for small business

The Whatsit website can help you tame your workplace technology and create a cybersafety culture in your business


Facebook: reporting fake and imposter profiles

Has someone created a fake Facebook profile in your name? Here’s how to report the page for removal