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Smartphone Security: 12 Tips for Protecting Your Digital Device

Smartphones should also be considered computing devices that need protecting against emerging issues like malware – malicious software – and can open you up to phishing and smiting attacks more commonly encountered on home computers.

Dealing with a lost phone

I’ve lost my phone. What do I do now?

More than 1 in 4 Kiwis have lost a mobile phone. Here’s what to do if you lose yours or want to checkmate the status of used smartphone before parting with cash for a handset that may have been IMEI blocked.


How can I put parental controls on my child’s mobile phone?

Vodafone NZ have launched a new Android app called Guardian that offers parental controls for mobiles – we look at the options on all the major phones

Our work on smartphone security

How to keep your mobile devices safe and secure

You spent a lot of money on that shiny smartphone, laptop or tablet computer so learn how to protect the device against viruses and malware and how to get help tracking down it down should it be lost or stolen

Parents Guide to Mobile Phones (screenshot)

How can I prevent textbullying?

Parents buying their child’s first mobile should discuss safe and responsible use of the phone. The simple rule for texting: ‘If in doubt, don’t send it’ website screenshot

How can I prevent cyberbullying?

It’s important that young people who witness others being cyberbullied – bystanders – offer support to the victim or report it to an adult

Text bullying Vodafone Blacklist service

How do I use the Vodafone Blacklist service?

Learn more about Vodafone New Zealand’s free service for blocking unwanted txt and pxt messages


What is text bullying and harassment?

Txt bullying can happen to anyone who uses a mobile phone and is common after a relationship break up and amongst school age children