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How can I security check my computer?

If you’ve clicked on a recent phishing email link, here’s a range of scanning tools for identifying and removing viruses and malware from your computer

How to secure my wi-fi network

How do I secure my wireless network?

Have you ever been looking for a a Wi-Fi connection and noticed a list of names nearby with the word unsecured written on them? If you have ever clicked on one of them, you’ll know that it gets you onto the internet without any further challenges. If you use a wireless modem or router┬áthat is […]

Upgrade your web browser

How to upgrade your web browser to stay safe online

Upgrading your software is one of the NetSafe NetBasics and keeping your web browser up to date and secure is an essential step in improving your online safety

NetBasics porn malware popups (screenshot)

Download dangers: what is safe to download online?

You need to keep your wits about you online to keep your computer secure. NetSafe has advice on malware websites, peer to peer file sharing, spam, popups and more


Are you doing the NetBasics?

Meet our animated characters and learn how to secure your computer and stay safe online

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How do I make my computer secure?

Computer security is a core cybersafety issue and it’s important for Kiwis to educate themsleves about staying safe online – the NetSafe NetBasics campaign cuts through the jargon