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Smartphone Security: 12 Tips for Protecting Your Digital Device

Smartphones should also be considered computing devices that need protecting against emerging issues like malware – malicious software – and can open you up to phishing and smiting attacks more commonly encountered on home computers.

NetBasics porn malware popups (screenshot)

Download dangers: what is safe to download online?

You need to keep your wits about you online to keep your computer secure. NetSafe has advice on malware websites, peer to peer file sharing, spam, popups and more

NetBasics strong password checker (screenshot)

How can I choose a strong password?

Create a strong password for every financial website you use, keep your personal information secure and don’t share logins with others

Webmail email account hacked

Help! My email account has been hacked

Webmail accounts are often hacked or hijacked to send spam or requests for money. Here’s how to keep your account secure or recover it after the event