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What is the Heartbleed Bug and what do I need to do about it?

Publication of the Heartbleed Bug means that cyber criminals have a potential new way to extract login information – internet users need to play their part in improving their own online security by changing their passwords.

Facebook family safety centre screenshot

Top Tips for Staying Secure on Facebook

The Facebook safety team have produced a new guide to help users of the social network stay safe and avoid malware scams. Tips include logging in over https (SSL) and one time passwords when accessing the site from a borrowed computer

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How can I choose a strong password?

Create a strong password for every financial website you use, keep your personal information secure and don’t share logins with others

Webmail email account hacked

Help! My email account has been hacked

Webmail accounts are often hacked or hijacked to send spam or requests for money. Here’s how to keep your account secure or recover it after the event