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Step 2. Build a secure foundation

Computer security is a requirement for a cybersafe school. Teacher and student owned ICT have created new challenges in ensuring that devices are protected from malware, like viruses and spyware, as well as spam.

Protection is also provided by school policies that promote a cybersafe ICT environment. Such policies include use agreements, as well as clear and consistent application of policy to ICT-breaches.

ICT Security

Developing a robust computer security regime is one of the key parts of the Protection layer of the L:G:P framework. Computer security is of vital importance to schools. While computer security will not protect the school and students from all cybersafety challenges , it decreases opportunities for avoidable problems (e.g., loss of school and student data due to malicious virus activity, privacy breeches, network outages, etc.).

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Internet safety Policies

The other key part of the protection layer are the policies that surround and support safe and secure ICT use. These policies outline the expectations and processes around both acceptable use of ICT and managing breaches of policy. Policy enables staff and students to commit to a shared vision for principaled use of ICT in their school community.

Internet safety policy should encourages a constant dialogue throughout the school community to ensure that common understanding is always reflective of current practice, responsive to the needs of learners and in keeping with community needs.

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The checklist for Step 2. Build a secure foundation is;
Confirm that all school ICT has appropriate security in place.
Ensure all personally owned ICT devices (Bring Your Own Device - BYOD) connecting to the school network do not present significant cyber security or safety risks to the school.
Provide useful guidelines and enforce policy around Network Account Management for everyone with access to school ICT infrastructure
Ensure school policies and procedures specifically references ICT use and cybersafety concerns.
Review procedures around ICT use agreements as well as their content.