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Campbells Bay School student Digital Citizenship Survey. August 2014

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey. It has been written by NetSafe, in conjunction with Campbells Bay School to try to get an understanding of what you know, and how you feel about the role of technology in our lives; our personal lives, our professional lives and in the way we teach and learn using technology.

It is called a Digital Citizenship survey because we think that since we all use this place Online called the Internet, we all have rights and responsibilities that go with that use. Just as we do in the countries in which we live. And it is these rights and responsibilities that this survey is trying to get more information about.

How can we help you. This survey will provide us with the information to best support you in becoming capable digital citizens.

All of the information that you provide to us through this survey is collected anonymously. NO details about IP addresses, time, location or any other identifiable information is captured or stored AT ANY POINT. The information is used to provide the school with average data across all participants associated with the school, and NetSafe uses the same data to build a picture of average figures across all participants.

To ensure the best possible data is collected, can you please read the statement below, and click to begin if you agree.

Thanks again for taking the time to help out.

I agree that I am eligible to complete this survey, and that this is the first time I have done so since requested by the school.


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