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Digital Citizenship Surveys

Step one of the NetSafe Kit recommends that in the course of identifying where your school is in terms of its digital citizenship journey you should take a look at the way that students, staff and the wider school community think about digital citizenship and more specifically the challenges that they experience online.

"Understanding the internet safety issues facing your school is vital so you can address the key requirements for digital citizenship"

There are 3 pre prepared surveys whithin the kit that you can publish to various groups in line with the kits recommendations

If you would like to use the surveys, you need to first sign up to use the kit, and then register yourself as the survey administrator for your school. There can only be one administrator for the school, so if someone has already registered themselves as your schools administrator, you can either send them a message through this site, or contact NetSafe and we will contact them for you. If you have already registered to use the kit, click here to sign up as your schools administrator.