NetSafe is an independent non-profit organisation. Our sole purpose is to promote confident, safe, and responsible use of online technologies.

NetSafe is a ‘tech positive’ organisation that emphasises the benefits of online participation to internet users. However, there are many challenges people face when going online.

NetSafe is at the forefront of online safety practice. Whether it is a cybersafety, cybercrime or cybersecurity challenge, our knowledge across all areas of digital challenge is unique in New Zealand. NetSafe’s expertise is recognised and respected globally.

NetSafe has an unrelenting focus on supporting all New Zealanders to reduce their chances of coming unstuck and supporting them if things do go wrong. NetSafe provides educational, incident response and advisory services directly to individual internet users, government, commercial and civil society organisations.

NetSafe works with a range of national and international government, business and civil society organisations to strengthen and extend the online safety education and support services available to all New Zealanders.