Anonymous feedback apps are growing in popularity. Whether you’re using Tellonym, Sarahah or another platform it’s important to think through what might happen when using one and make a plan for if something were to go wrong. Here’s a few tips to get you started:

1. Be nice

If you’re sending feedback on an anonymous feedback app, be constructive and positive in what you say – honesty doesn’t have to be cruel or mean. Remember to treat others as you would wish to be treated – and to always think before you hit ‘send’.

2. Get prepared

Before you install a new app, think about how the benefits of it as well as how you’ll deal with negative, mean or abusive comments. Consider whether it’s worth the potential stress. If you don’t think you’re ready to have to deal with any potential abuse or negativity, don’t install it.

3. Keep it friends only

Only share the details of your anonymous feedback account with people that you know and trust. Do not share them publicly – remember that places like your Insta bio are visible even if your profile is set to private. If the app allows it, set up your account so that people can not find your account via the search functionality.

4. Block abusers

If someone has been writing mean or hurtful comments, use the ‘report’ or ‘block’ function (if the app has one) to stop the abuse from happening again.

5. Delete the app

If it all gets too much, and you’re receiving hurtful comments, then delete the app off your phone. If it’s left you feeling bad then speak to someone you trust.

6. Get help

If you are receiving abusive messages and harassment on any app or platform you can contact Netsafe for help. Text ‘Netsafe’ to 4282 or make a report using our online report form.