The Bullying Prevention and Response guide (updated in 2015) was published in response to calls from the education sector for information on preventing and responding to bullying.

Primarily designed for school principals, staff and Boards of Trustees, the guide includes links to resources that may also be useful for students and their families and whānau. It assumes that schools will work closely with parents and whānau and the wider community to address all forms of bullying behaviour.

What does the guide cover?

Bullying-Prevention-Guide-296x420The guide’s content draws on a wide range of resources, toolkits, reports and research articles, and reflects contributions and feedback from interested and involved agencies, individuals, school staff and academics. It specifically focuses on bullying behaviour and bullying behaviour between students.

The guide has four main sections:

  1. Understanding bullying
  2. Safe and positive school environments
  3. Bullying policies and processes
  4. Responding to bullying behaviour

New Zealand schools will have received a copy of the guide. You can also read and download the latest version of the guide from the website.