Help educate New Zealand internet users

Netsafe is a non-profit organisation that relies on the generous support of individuals and organisations to achieve its purpose to enable New Zealand internet users to confidently access digital opportunities and prevent online harm.

There are many different ways that you can support Netsafe and contribute to our work.


Netsafe works to empower people to take advantage of the exciting possibilities of the internet by offering support, advice and education to help minimise and manage online risks.

Please help us by telling your family, friends and colleagues about the services Netsafe provides so they know where to go to get assistance.


Netsafe provides information and advice across its social media channels. Follow us to keep up with the latest online safety and security news.



Twitter: @netsafeNZ

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If you feel Netsafe has helped you, please consider donating. As a non-profit organisation we use any funds received to focus on helping others stay safe online.For donation details please email


The Netsafe team has a range of backgrounds and are able to call on a network of contacts to help you produce safe and successful outcomes for New Zealand internet users.

If your organisation is looking to undertake research or develop new resources/products related to online safety we are able to provide consulting services.


Do you work in online safety or security? Then you may be eligible to become a member of the Netsafe Society. Our members represent organisations with an interest in building confidence in technology through education and awareness programmes.

All applications are reviewed for approval by our Board.