If you’ve grown up online – and even if you haven’t – the dopamine induced reward cycle of checking emails, notifications or updates can be compulsive and see people waste time online.

How can I avoid wasting time online?

It’s important to stay on target if you’re working to a deadline or want to ensure you deliver quality work.

Getting stuff done can be hard if you lack the willpower to stop yourself flicking between windows or popping open a new tab to check email, review the cricket score or do anything else more interesting.

Thankfully, there’s technology you can use to break bad habits, limit your time on social networks or other parts of the internet that distract you. Options to explore include:

  • FocusWriter (Paid) – “a simple, distraction-free writing environment” for Mac, Linux and Windows
  • Freedom (Free)“the only distraction management solution for iPad and iPhone” works on Mac, Windows and Android too
  • RescueTime – a time management app for Mac, PC and Android that “helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive
  • SelfControl (Free for Mac OS X)
  • StayFocused – a productivity extension for the Google Chrome browser

And if none of these tech offerings work for you, there’s always the option of enabling flight mode or turning that computer or device off and drafting your wisdom on paper first.

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