The Netsafe Schools programme helps schools establish, develop and promote online safety, citizenship and wellbeing in their school community. The programme is free to join, and many schools will already have in the place the practices needed to qualify.

Our programme has been guided by research to empower schools with the knowledge and capability to create a safe online environment for their students, whānau, staff and boards.

Why become a Netsafe School?

Being a Netsafe School provides your community with a level of assurance that systems, processes and people are in place to support a safe online environment where citizenship and wellbeing are included. It demonstrates your school’s ongoing commitment to support students to use technology responsibly and safely.

How do I join the programme?

Any school can join the Netsafe Schools Programme. All you need to do is:

  1. Create a My Kit account and include your MoE number
  2. Complete the Netsafe Schools Review Tool

Why do I need to complete the Netsafe Schools Review Tool?

The tool allows a school to self-assess and determine if they have the practices in place to become a Netsafe School. A Netsafe School is a school who has reviewed themselves against the seven key areas of the Netsafe Schools Framework to meet the ‘Establishing’ stage or higher across all areas. If you meet the ‘Establishing’ baseline requirements you automatically become a Netsafe School upon completing the tool.

What happens if we don’t have the practices in place yet?

If you don’t yet have the practices in place to be a Netsafe School, you can use the resources in the Netsafe Schools programme to develop the key areas that don’t meet the ‘Establishing’ stage. Once you have progressed your work in the relevant areas you can undertake another review at any time.

To become a Netsafe School, a school just needs to undertake a self-review.