Netsafety Week from 26-30 July is designed to Make Aotearoa Safer Online and is an opportunity to join together to promote the positive power of a safe internet and the places available to get assistance if things go wrong. We’ve outlined some of the activities on offer and outlined some of the resources and things you can do to help us spread the message.

We will update this page as more information becomes available or you can follow @netsafenz on social media for the last updates.

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 Sunday 25





Monday 26 

Tuesday 27                           

  • SeniorNet webinar


Wednesday 28                    

  • Netsafe webinar: Scam Spotting with Sean Lyons from 12.30 – 1.30pm. Register here
  • Netsafe Woman Working Group workshop. This Group has been established to connect relevant agencies that operate in the grey area of digital technology and abuse, and to work collaboratively to best support woman facing harm online
  • Stay Safe from Scams event: Alexander Library, Whanganui from 3.30pm – 4.30pm. Find out more information here
  • Linewize webinar: The Naked Truth at 3.45pm. Register here
  • Education sector presentation at the Virtual Learning Network
Thursday 29                        

  • Student activation: AUT University, City Campus, WG306 (opposite Newsfeed)
  • Hamilton Library online safety session at Hillcrest Library from 6 – 7pm. Register here
  • Education sector presentation at the Al-Madinah School
  • Online Safety Code of Practice meeting with industry participants
 Friday 30     

  • Netsafe webinar: Digital Parenting with Martin Cocker from 12.30 – 1.30pm. Register here
  • Twitter Live Chat


Self-help resources

Netsafe has many resources designed to help people have a safer online experiences. Some of resources are:

Check out the latest Netsafe resources.

Become a supporter

Netsafe’s has a dedicated website with many resources to help supporters promote the positive power of a safe internet and the places available to get assistance within New Zealand. It’s free to join and we’ll include your logo on our official campaign website. We provide the resources and you can choose how involved you want to be – a chat with mates, liking a post or sticking up posters at work will spread the message.

Our resources includes:

  • Supporter Toolkit with key messages
  • Graphic Assets
  • Netsafe’s 5 Tips to Make Aotearoa Safer Online
  • Netsafe’s Staying Safe Online Guide
  • Plus much more

By becoming a supporter you’re helping us connect people in Aotearoa with the information they need to keep them and their whānau safe. Anything you can do to spread the word helps and we’d love to have you join us

Netsafety Week Sponsors

Netsafe is grateful to the sponsors of Aotearoa’s first online safety week. Specifically, we would like to recognise
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Logos of the companies that are supporters for Netsafety Week