The Netsafe Online Safety Grant supports projects that will help to reduce or lessen harm caused by harmful digital communications. Recipients are eligible for up to $100,000 of funding from the grant fund. The funding must be matched by the organisation or individual running the project either financially or by in-kind support, and the project needs to be completed within one year.

The Netsafe Online Safety Grant has been designed to provide financial support to research, projects and service initiatives that aim to reduce harmful digital communications, or lessen the harm caused by harmful digital communications. This includes activities that aim to prevent or reduce the impact of online bullying, harassment, abuse, image based abuse (also known as “revenge porn”) and/or other forms of online abuse and intimidation.

Applicants can apply for up to $100,000 of funding, and the applicant must match Netsafe’s contribution either financially or by in-kind support. This means that if the applicant is requesting $15,000, they must provide at least $15,000 to the project either financially or by in-kind support.

The next round

In June 2019 Netsafe decided to review the Online Safety Grant programme. Once this review has been completed details will be released.

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What will the grant fund?
The grant has been created to fund ideas that foster innovation and new ideas that aim to prevent and deter the impact of online bullying, harassment, revenge pornography and other forms of abuse and intimidation.

Are grants available for research proposals?
Proposals for research are welcome and have been successful in previous rounds of the grant – there is no specific grant allocation for research projects. Currently, research proposals are assessed alongside all other types of application against the same criteria.

We know that research projects differ from other types of projects and in recognition of this,  additional guidance has been created for researchers wishing to apply for a grant. You can access the document here.

How much funding will Netsafe provide?
The grants are for a maximum amount of $100,000 per round (excluding GST). Applicants must match Netsafe’s contribution either financially or by in-kind support.

Who can apply for a grant?
Funding is available to individuals, groups or organisations.

Where does the money come from?
The Ministry of Justice has provided the funding as part of their support of Netsafe’s service under the Harmful Digital Communication Act.

Is there a time limit to using the grant?
Grant recipients will be given one year to execute their ideas and report back to Netsafe. Any unspent funds must be returned unless an extension has been sought and approved by Netsafe’s Online Safety Grant Committee.

How will grants be assessed?
Netsafe’s Online Safety Grant Committee will assess each application based on the following criteria:

  1. Priority is given to organisations/individuals located in New Zealand
  2. The initiative integrates the key principles of the Treaty of Waitangi including partnerships and participation
  3. The initiative promotes the positive use of technology
  4. The initiative is innovative
  5. The initiative helps people manage and reduce the risk of harm from harmful digital communication
  6. The initiative benefits New Zealand internet users
  7. Legal documentation provided by applicants satisfies Netsafe’s due diligence checking.

Is there anything Netsafe will not fund?
Netsafe will not fund:

  • Retrospective grants
  • Political organisations
  • Fundraising dinners or events
  • Capital building projects
  • Debt reduction requests
  • Property rental or lease payments.

What needs to be included in the project budget?

Your budget must include a full breakdown of expected project costs and how these costs will be covered. Please clearly outline which elements of the project budget the grant funding will be used for. Please provide a clear break-down of the 50% in-kind contribution your organisation will provide for the project. If your organisation is contributing the time of your employees to the project, please ensure you provide a description of each employee’s role in the project, along with a break-down of the expected hours they will work on the project and their hourly rate.


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