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If you have a home computer, is it protected?

Key Messages

  • If you have a home computer, you’ll probably have a lot of personal information on it - like what Internet searches you do, social network or email contacts and messages, photos and game information
  • So it’s important to protect your home computer, to keep your information safe
  • Talk to family/whanau about whether the home computer is protected
  • Your family can make sure the computer has up-to-date antivirus software and firewall, and can install security patches
  • Your family can make sure the wi fi connection is secure
  • If your home computer isn’t secure, then assume that anything you have on it, or type on it (eg your passwords and your private messages), is going to someone who may want to misuse that information

Illustrating the topic

Discussion Questions

  • Do you use a computer at home, at friends’ houses, in public places like libraries?
  • What do you use the computer for? What do other family members use it for?
  • What is “antivirus software” and what does it do?
  • What is a firewall and what does it do?
  • What is a wireless connection?
  • Watch the Netbasics videos - what could happen if your computer isn’t secure? (eg someone could steal credit card information)
  • Can you list all the different things you have to think about to keep your computer secure? (eg having antivirus, firewalls, accepting security updates, protecting WiFi, not visiting websites with security warnings, taking notice of security warnings)
  • How can you clean up your computer if you’ve downloaded malware?


  • Create a play along the lines of the Netbasics videos
  • Write a checklist to sit by your home computer (“Have we done “X” recently)
  • Set up groups to do a poster on different aspects of protecting a computer. Each group becomes a specialist adviser to others in the class about their aspect of security.
  • Do a presentation for your families and whanau, or at school open evenings about why computer security is important and how to do it right
  • Do a movie trailer presentation.