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  • Wise words on Privacy

Sharing photos

Key Messages

  • Once you upload a photo of yourself, it might be there for ever - so make sure you're ok with that
  • You can sometimes get photos taken down, so it's worth while knowing how to do this
  • What you post affects other people - check before sharing photos of other people online
  • What is funny for one person can be hurtful for someone else - think before you act

Illustrating the topic

  • Show a couple of photos (not of children in the class or community) - how would you feel?
  • Scenario card for 2 students to act out for class members (taking photograph of person in embarrassing situation, photographer thinks the photo is funny and puts it online, reaction of person who is photographed)

Discussion Questions

  • What is a photo for? (may be cultural implications to explore)
  • Where might photos be posted online?
  • When should you ask for permission to post a photo?
  • If you think a photo is funny, is it always ok to post it?
  • Would you let your mate give you a tattoo? (photos can be as permanent)
  • Does your family/school have a policy or tikanga around photo sharing?
  • What would you do if there was a photo of you that you were embarrassed by?


  • Get students to take photos in a variety of poses - then ask: would you post them online? What would people think if they saw you like that? (now/in the future).Or find different photos online and ask the same questions - eg what does each photo say about the person?
  • Research - what photos of you are online? Who put them there? Who can see them? Are you ok with that?
  • Research - what can you do if you want to untag a photo? Or if you want to get the photo taken down?
  • History of photography, and using photos. Could make a pinhole camera - shows how careful we used to have to be about taking photos, get the shot just right
  • Develop a tikanga for sharing photos
  • Do a school survey - how many people have had negative experiences with photos online
  • Debate one of the questions: eg it's always ok to post a funny photo