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  • Wise words on Privacy

Keep some information offline

Key Messages

  • Privacy is often given away because it is convenient.
  • If you would not say it to the person face to face, then do not say it online.
  • If it’s anywhere online anyone can find it and use it.
  • Keep some information offline.

Illustrating the topic

  • Source: www.CartoonStock.com

Discussion Questions

  • Some people put their whole life online - they openly chat, share photos, use GPS to show their location, use their phone number and email addresses on social pages, and update their thoughts on Twitter. Why do you think they do this? Discuss the cartoon.
  • What is different about online information as opposed to offline information? [online = digital, permanent, can be copied without you knowing, manipulated etc].
  • Why do you think it is convenient for people to log into different websites using their google or facebook account?(See lesson on Keeping your accounts separate)
  • Who can use information that you put in a public space online? What can they use it for?


  • Read ‘Protect your information online’ (refer Resources). Share your feelings about this on an opinion wall or use Padlet.
  • Draw a large outline of a person and write the types of information that is best to keep to yourself inside your body and types of information that could be shared online outside your body eg nickname, wider location (NZ), birth month.
  • Discuss briefly that it is possible to do some things online securely such as share photos between friends on Social sites using privacy settings and encryption (See lesson on "Encryption").
  • Show ‘Just Delete Me’ in Resources, to demonstrate how many sites do not allow information to be deleted. This reinforces the need to think carefully about what you keep offline. (See lesson on "Sexting").
  • If it’s too personal or rude to say to someone’s face it shouldn’t be said online. Discuss this.