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  • Wise words on Privacy

Who do you go to when things go wrong?

Key Messages

  • We have certain obligations to be a responsible citizen in any space and the people in that space should also respect our rights.
  • We all make mistakes but can do our best to fix them.
  • Things can go wrong online and there are many ways to stop things getting worse.
  • We all have a support team of people who are there to help us.

Illustrating the topic

  • Refer to Resources for:
  • Situation Cards: for discussion and role play

Discussion Questions

  • What are your responsibilities as a digital citizen? What are your key rights?
  • What key values are common to online and offline citizenship?
  • What can go wrong when you are online?
  • Who do you trust to talk about things that go wrong?
  • What agencies can help when big things go wrong? What are the big things?
  • What stories do students have about online mistakes they have made and how they were resolved?


  • Compare your school rules with what students consider to be online values and competencies. Is there a difference? This is a good time to review or create the concept of digital citizenship at your school. Refer to resources for links on Digital Citizenship.
  • Surround yourselves in positiveness - find and make positive quotes to display eg “If you think you can do it, you can. If you think you can’t do it, you won’t”. Henry Ford, “We can have a bad moment in a good day”, “Keep Calm and Carry On” etc
  • Use the situation cards to explore some of the things that can go wrong online. For each discuss Who would you tell?, What could you do?
  • Draw me - Tell Me - Draw a picture about a time when something went wrong (on or offline).Tell/Write about how you sorted it out.
  • Who’s in your support team? - Draw a picture of all the people you can go to when you need help - people you trust and know will help you. Remember the agencies such as NetSafe, Privacy Commission, Schools, Police and the websites themselves (Report abuse buttons). Decide who you would go to for each different situation such as in the Scenario Cards.
  • Watch the YouTube video about Cyber bullying (refer Resources) look for the suggestions about the right things to do and the people who you can go to.
  • Use the resource Red and Green Thoughts - Like Traffic Lights - Red thoughts stop you from making good decisions - they hold you back. Green thoughts turn Red thoughts into positives (Green thoughts) allowing you to go forward and get on with things. Sort the Red and Green thoughts - have a go at rewording the Red thoughts turning them into Green (Go - positive) thoughts. (The red thought “I always get into trouble online” can be changed to “I made a mistake today but now I know how to avoid it next time”).