It can be hard when your child is going through a situation like online bullying, abuse or harassment. If this is happening to a young person in your life you can contact Netsafe on behalf of them for help and advice.

How can I get advice from Netsafe on behalf of a young person?

A parent, guardian or caregiver is able to contact Netsafe for advice on behalf of a young person. Ideally, the young person targeted in the incident would have given their consent for Netsafe to be contacted, but you can still contact us for advice if they haven’t.

How can you get help?

You can fill out an online contact form or call Netsafe seven days a week on 0508 NETSAFE.

We’ll ask you some questions so we can understand what’s going on, and then we’ll work with you to create a plan to help.

Not quite ready to talk to us? Take a look at these articles for help with online bullying.

If you are concerned about the immediate safety of you or someone else, call 111.


The young person I want advice on behalf of no longer lives with me. Can I still contact Netsafe?
Yes, you can still contact Netsafe.

 I’m not the parent, guardian or caregiver of the young person targeted in the incident. What can I do to help?
You can still contact Netsafe. Although we won’t be able to take action, we can still offer advice about what you can do. Call 0508 NETSAFE or complete an online contact form. If you’re a teacher or school leader you can contact Netsafe of behalf of a student.

I think my child is being bullied, but they won’t talk to me and I don’t have any proof what can I do?
You can still contact Netsafe to explain why you think something is going on, and we can give you advice. If you’re not quite ready to call us, you can check out our articles about online bullying.

I know my child is being bullied online, but they don’t want me to intervene because they’re scared it will get worse what can I do?
You can still contact Netsafe for help and advice. Each situation is different, but depending on what’s going on there may be ways to help that won’t aggravate the situation. Netsafe will not take any action without your permission.    

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