We no longer ‘go’ online, we are online. We’re more connected than ever. This brings young people incredible opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. It also brings some challenges. We know that creating digital opportunities for students while helping them to be safe online is important to New Zealand schools. Our job is to help make that easier by providing online safety tools, advice and support for schools and their communities.

How we can help

We can connect schools to specialist partner networks, resources, and expertise for all aspects of online safety. We provide guidance around obligations in relation to safe, effective use of technology for learning. Our team helps schools to review current approaches and identify opportunities for developing young digital citizens. We can also give direction on how to prepare for online incidents before they happen, and provide guidance when incidents do occur.


We work strategically with schools to:

  • review processes for responding to online incidents
  • work in partnership with students and the community to support safe online behaviour
  • grow staff confidence and capability in developing digital citizenship and online safety
  • connect with other organisations that can provide support
  • understand obligations in relation to current legislation e.g. the Harmful Digital Communications Act.


The Netsafe team provides free, confidential and independent advice to schools dealing with online safety incidents. We have deep technical and legal knowledge, and a network of ICT and enforcement agencies that can help to provide online safety solutions for your school.


We provide online safety expertise to a wide range of stakeholders across education, industry and government in New Zealand and globally. We work to ensure that the online   safety needs of educators and schools are understood, and met.

Does Netsafe visit schools?

Yes.  We work strategically with leaders and key lead staff in schools, kura and Communities of Learning (CoLs) and can facilitate sessions online via video conference and face-to-face in schools. Contact us by emailing help@netsafe.org.nz for more information and to discuss how we can support your school.

Does Netsafe work with parents?

Yes and No.  Our education resources are focused on professional learning approaches that are likely to make the greatest difference in schools and for stduents.  We focus on working strategically with leaders and key lead staff in schools and Communities of Learning (CoLs).  When we do engage with parents it is in support of this strategic approach.

Does Netsafe work directly with students?

No.  Netsafe’s policy is help schools focus on the most effective way to foster digital citizenship – this is in the context of effective learning and strong relationships that teachers already have with students and whānau.

We can

  • advise on learning design and how you can adapt your curriculum to suit your learners’ needs;
  • point you towards other useful resources and services.

Contact us on help@netsafe.org.nz for more information.

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Contact Netsafe

For more information about how we can help you, contact us on help@netsafe.org.nz

To report an online incident (e.g. scams, online bullying, harassment or abuse) or to get advice, contact us on 0508 NETSAFE (0508 638 723) or complete our online contact form.

Our helpline is available to help from 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 5pm on weekends.

If you’re in danger or a crime is being committed, call 111 immediately.

More advice and information

  1. The Netsafe Kit for Schools: Tools for schools to plan a whole of school approach to Digital Citizenship (Netsafe, 2014).
  2. Digital Citizenship Capability Review Tool: A document to help schools review their current position and prioritise next steps.
  3. Guide to responding to online incidents: Guidance on planning for responding to online incidents
  4. Digital Citizenship in Schools: A summary of important concepts for schools/kura (Netsafe).
  5. Contact Netsafe if you’d like further help on 0508 NETSAFE, or by emailing queries@netsafe.org.nz