Trade Me provides the following advice for keeping yourself safe when using their services. This content is adapted from “Staying Safe Online” which is available to download here.

trademeAt Trade Me we provide online marketplaces that connect people to undertake a transaction or form a relationship. We do this in a way that is trusted, great value, and empowers the consumer.

Being trusted and straight up, and caring about our community are at the core of what we do, regardless of whether you are buying a phone, selling a pair of jeans or looking for a job. We work hard to ensure Trade Me is a safe and trusted environment for our members.Here are some tips from our experts at Trade Me HQ to help keep you safe when using the site, and what you can do if you encounter a problem.

  • Never send money outside New Zealand.
  • Never pay via instant money transfer like Western Union.
  • Pay Now credit card payment is the most secure way to pay on Trade Me.
  • Always complete your trade via the Trade Me website so you get the benefits of our trust and safety tools.
  • Buyers should never share their contact details. In classifieds and car auctions, sellers are given the options to include theirs, and it’s only visible to logged in members.
  • Check the sellers feedback history and research the item before you buy.
  • If a seller is ‘in trade’ they must indicate this. This means they have obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act, including that goods are of acceptable quality.
Keeping your account secure
  • Always check the website address before logging in, especially if clicking in from an email.
  • Always keep your password safe, see
  • If using a shared device, always logout to end your session.
  • Keep your browser updated, and use its anti-phishing filter in your browser settings.
If your trade goes wrong
  • It is important to keep in touch with the seller until your trade is complete.
  • If despite this the seller doesn’t sort it out, here’s some information to help.
  • If your goods haven’t arrived in a reasonable timeframe;
  • If your item turns up and it’s not as described:
Reporting Inappropriate content
  • If you are the victim of harmful or inappropriate content, please report it to us.
  • Every listing has a community watch badge through which you can report a listing to us.
  • For help with inappropriate feedback, checl out:
  • If you’re concerned about a post on our message board, you can use the reporting tool at the bottom of the page. Or if you find a post offensive you can vote to have it removed. If the post or thread gets enough votes, it will automatically disappear from the site.
Reporting Inappropriate content
  • We have heaps of info in our Help section:
  • We lso have a local customer services team on deck 24/7/365 to help you with any concerns:
  • Report suspicious emails or activity to