About The Kit

The Netsafe Kit provides New Zealand schools with a comprehensive set of tools and resources to create and maintain a safe online environment in a way that fits authentically with their own school community values and needs.

The Kit does not take a ‘one-size fits’ all approach. It has been designed to guide schools to find tailored solutions that integrate into their current online safety and digital citizenship practices to build upon foundations already in place.

The tools and resources in The Kit provide schools with assistance at every stage of their online safety journey – from urgent assistance responding to online incidents, to classroom and community engagement, to long-term, strategic planning.

To help schools proactively plan for online safety and digital citizenship in the context of their school community, The Kit includes self-service style planning tools. This means that schools are able to review the current practices and needs of their school community, select focus areas that they believe will have the biggest impact and to choose how they will achieve the outcome they are working toward.

For schools looking to review and implement a full online safety programme, we recommend joining the Netsafe Schools Programme and using the Safeguard Review Tool.

All of the resources in The Kit are free for schools. You will need to register for a My Kit account to use the Safeguard Review Tool and the Safeguard Planner. A My Kit school account is needed to use the Safeguard Surveys. My Kit accounts are free and allow schools to keep a record of reviews, survey results and plans for future reference.