A key part of successful and sustained change is engagement – engaging with your students, your staff and your wider community.  Whether at the start of your journey to help set your direction, during the journey to check you are still on course and as you come to the end as you review and look forward. Engaging with your community is important to creating a safe environment.

Community Engagement

Providing young people, parents and whānau with the information and advice they need to keep themselves safe online is an essential component of any online safety or digital citizenship programme. We’ve put together a collection of resources to help you to educate and engage your wider school community.



Student Engagement

Engaging students is essential to guiding learning and teaching, and it is just as important when it comes to online safety and digital citizenship. We’ve created a student voice guide to help educators understand what’s on top for students and a collection of learning resources to help cover off important topics.


Staff Engagement

For staff to confidently support students with online safety, they need the opportunity to hone their own knowledge and skills. Schools can help by finding out what staff already know, exploring challenges and risks, and identifying support they need. Our 45 minute workshop outlines are designed to support this process.