Netsafe LIVE Events

Netsafe LIVE Events

Netsafe LIVE are free online safety events for schools and parents.  The events are held around the country from the Far North to Invercargill with Netsafe’s Education Advisors Anjie Webster and Pauline Spence talking about the risks, challenges and opportunities of digital technology, and looking at practical ways  to support young people as they navigate the online world.  Check below to see if we are coming to your area soon.

If your school, CoL, Kahui Ako or cluster of schools is interested in hosting a Netsafe LIVE event, or would like more information please email us at



Upcoming Netsafe LIVE events

The next Netsafe Live events will take place in:

  • Christchurch on 13 August, 2019 
  • Kaitaia on 19 August 2019 (more details to come)
  • Kaikohe on 20 August 2019 (more details to come)
  • Kerikeri on 21 August 2019 (more details to come)
  • Whangarei on 22 August 2019 (more details to come)

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Typical Netsafe LIVE events have three sessions:

Senior Leaders/Pastoral and e-Learning Leaders

Learning and Leading in a Changing Landscape – a whole school approach to digital citizenship, online safety and wellbeing.

Schools are increasingly challenged by the complexities of preparing young people for the digital world. This session will explore seven key areas for strategic oversight of online safety, citizenship and wellbeing preparation and begin to use these to review current practices.

This is an opportunity for leaders and teachers to unpack and use Netsafe’s Safeguard Review Tool and understand how this can be used to support schools to develop shared understandings around digital citizenship, prioritise what’s on top, and plan for next steps.

Teachers and Learning Partners

Keeping it simple at the coalface – developing online safety, digital citizenship and wellbeing in the classroom.

One in four young people experience online challenges and whānau often look to the school for guidance. Schools need to offer safe digital spaces. We want to help our students to become citizens in our digital world; safe and effective use of technologies is best done in the context of powerful learning.

This interactive session will surface some of the challenges and opportunities for young people the online world provides and look at ways to develop ‘digital’ capabilities effectively across the curriculum. The session will offer a practical, familiar approach to inform curriculum planning in your school.

Parents and whānau

Powerful Partnerships – working together to support young people as they navigate the online world.

Online safety for parents/whānau is more important than ever. As young people begin to spend more time online, it’s important that parents start to teach them how to stay safe. So, how do you get started? This session is for parents of kids of all ages – from preschool to teenagers.

This session will look at how parents/whānau can support and enable children and young people to navigate online opportunities, challenges and complexities.

Co-host a Netsafe LIVE event at your school

Netsafe LIVE events are co-hosted with a local school and are open to the whole community. If you’d like to talk about co-hosting a Netsafe LIVE event in your area, please contact our Education Advisors at