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Across the country schools, teachers, students and their families and whānau have been navigating new online opportunities and challenges. As learning moves back into the classroom and physical spaces, Netsafe is here to help.

We are hosting three Netsafe LIVE online events to answer all the online safety questions schools and kura are currently asking and have invited along a few experts to share their thoughts.

The sessions will be hosted on Netsafe’s Facebook and YouTube pages and if you can’t make it during the live broadcast they will be online shortly afterwards.

If you’ve have questions you’d like answered send them now to or ask them on the day.

What online safety learnings did schools take from their time working remotely and how might this be used to inform what happens next?

How can schools approach online safety, digital citizenship and wellbeing as they look ahead to the rest of the year?

What online safety challenges did schools come across during Alert Levels 3 and 4 and how were these managed?

May 21 @ 4pm, School leaders 

Katie Rawles (DP, Wellington College) joins Netsafe’s education team to examine how schools can approach online safety holistically involving all areas of the school, especially students, in initiatives.

May 28 @ 4pm, Students

Netsafe’s education team and members of our Youth Action Squad explore how online safety initiatives can meaningfully support students.

June 4 @ 4pm, Teachers

Netsafe’s education team and a guest tackle the challenges and opportunities Aotearoa’s educators are presented with as we transition back into classroom learning.

Got a question? Send it through to or ask it on the day.


Recent events

Recently we went live on Facebook, answering some of the pressing questions for schools and teachers.  If you missed joining the event live, check out the video on our Facebook page or on our YouTube channel.

Keep emailing your questions through to and we will be sure to answer them in one of our upcoming sessions.

Co-host a Netsafe LIVE event at your school

Netsafe LIVE events are face to face events, co-hosted with a local school and are open to the whole community. If you’d like to talk about co-hosting a Netsafe LIVE event in your area, please contact our Education Team at or visit the events page on the Netsafe Schools website for more information.

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