Netsafe Schools Surveys

The Netsafe Schools Surveys have been designed to help you understand what your school community thinks and knows about online safety, digital citizenship and wellbeing.

We have surveys for students (from Year 6 upwards), staff, parents and whānau and these align to the seven key areas of the Netsafe Schools Review Tool. Information gathered will inform your review process.

A My Kit school account is needed to access the Netsafe Schools Surveys. If you haven’t already added your school to your My Kit account, you can do this in the ‘Manage My Account’ section.

Some things to consider before using the Netsafe Schools Surveys

It’s important that ethical and wellbeing aspects are considered when collecting personal feedback. Before starting the surveys, we recommend you consider the following activities:

  • Get consent (from students, staff, parents and whānau).
  • Provide assurances that the responses will be anonymous.
  • Reinforce that students can opt out at any stage of a survey if they are uncomfortable with the process.
  • Share what support is available if a student becomes concerned for any reason.
  • Communicate the reason for gathering information, why it is important for your school community and include how the outcomes will be shared.