Workshops and Presentations

Netsafe provides workshops to assist schools wanting support with planning for and implementing online safety programmes. We have listed our standard workshops and costs below but we are always open to discussing custom proposals or to combine schools to reduce costs. Our workshops are delivered by our Education Advisors.


– Workshops – 


Planning and Leading for Online Safety | 90 minutes

Leaders of Schools – Exploring strategic approaches to effectively embed digital citizenship and online safety into the culture of a school.

This interactive session provides an opportunity for leaders to review their current position, and identify what priorities and next steps might be needed going forward. Pragmatic examples and resources are provided. Also included are key aspects of the Harmful Digital Communications Act and implications for schools; responding to online incidents; online safety and staff wellbeing; and engaging students and community.

These sessions are suitable for education leaders including Principals, DP’s and AP’s, deans, pastoral Staff, e-Learning leaders and representatives from the student body and boards.


Online Safety at the Coalface | 90 minutes

Unpacking digital citizenship and online safety through an interactive session and exploring ways to pragmatically implement these into the learning environment and culture of school.

This session is for all staff and is designed to provide pragmatic ways in which staff can think about and plan for digital citizenship and online safety in the learning environment. This session aligns concepts and learning to frameworks educators are familiar with and looks at a variety of resources for use.


Managing online safety incidents | 90 minutes

Unpacking the Harmful Digital Communications Act (2015) and Managing Online Incidents – Understanding what the HDC Act means for schools and developing staff’s confidence in responding to online incidents.

This session is designed to familiarise staff with the legislation and what this means for schools, students, and their community; and what steps they can take when involved in or faced with an online incident. Learning about our rights and responsibilities online is for everyone and can foster prosocial behaviours online and offline.


Netsafe can also provide tailored workshops for particular audience and needs that are identified by a leader or group. These sessions might comprise:

  • Conference style key note
  • Single sessions with lead staff
  • Whole staff
  • Specific teams of staff within school
  • Community of Learning
  • Principals Associations, or Senior Leaders groups
  • Organisations working directly with schools and their community


Safeguard Duo
3 hours

Any 2 Safeguard workshops

Safeguard Trio
4.5 hours

All 3 Safeguard workshops

$150 p/h
Custom Workshop (per hour)
As requested


Custom Full Day Package




– Presentations –


Parent/Whānau Community Presentation | 1 hour

These presentations cover key messages for parents and whānau which align with the Netsafe School and Safeguard programmes. They provide parents with information to support and prepare their children to navigate online environments and manage online challenges and risk with confidence.

Parent evening with workshops

Our Standard Parent evening delivered with Safeguard Workshops. Booked in conjunction with other workshops. Note that the combination of the Safeguard Trio workshops and a Parent Presentation may need to be split over two consecutive days.

Standalone Parent Evening
A standalone or customised parent evening.