Review & Plan

Netsafe has three self-service style planning tools to give schools and kura guidance when proactively planning for and reviewing online safety and digital citizenship.

The tools have been designed to help schools review the current practices and needs of their school community, choose focus areas that will have the biggest impact for them and decide the steps they can take to achieve their own goals. Schools can also use the Safeguard Review Tool to join the Netsafe Schools Programme and become a Netsafe School. Netsafe’s Safeguard Framework underpins the design of the Safeguard tools. The Safeguard Framework lays out seven Key Areas of focus for schools and kura looking to create safe online learning environments. Find out more about Netsafe’s Safeguard Framework.

The Safeguard tools are centred around reviewing practices, identifying needs, and creating a tailored plan of action. 

1. Insights

Before beginning a review, we recommend gathering your school community’s views by using the Safeguard Surveys. Although it’s not required before undertaking a review, it will make your review more accurate and useful.

2. Review

Use the Safeguard Review Tool as a guided review of your current planning and to identify areas to focus on. We recommend doing this in a group, with representatives from across the school community for best results.

3. Plan

The results from your review will automatically populate in the Safeguard Planner to help you decide how you would like to build your plan. You can then choose your focus areas and select actions to add to your plan.

Schools need to create a My Kit account to use the Safeguard Review Tool and Safeguard Planner. However, a My Kit school account is needed to access the Safeguard Surveys. My Kit accounts are free and allows schools to keep a record of reviews, survey results and plans for future reference.

Safeguard Surveys

The Safeguard Surveys have been designed to help schools and kura gain an understanding of what students, staff, parents/whānau and community think and know about digital citizenship and online safety. We recommend that schools use the Safeguard Surveys first to gather the school community’s views about online safety and digital citizenship planning before a review.


Safeguard Review Tool

The Safeguard Review Tool is an interactive self-service style tool that gives schools and kura a comprehensive guided review of their online safety and digital citizenship planning. It also helps schools to identify the areas they would like to focus on in future planning and to find out if they meet the criteria to be a part of the Netsafe Schools Programme.


Safeguard Planner

The Safeguard Planner helps schools and kura easily create an online safety and digital citizenship plan. Using the planner, schools can select the areas that their school would like to focus on and then choose from a list of actions to add to the plan or create a new action. The plan will include a curated list of resources and tools to help schools with each action included in the plan.