Safeguard Review Tool

The Safeguard Review Tool is an integral part of the Safeguard Framework.  Understanding the strengths of current practice and existing gaps are essential in knowing how to plan for effective programmes and initiatives.

Outcomes from the review automatically update the Safeguard Planner and could result in a school immediately qualifying as a Netsafe School.

Becoming a Netsafe School is free and shows that your school has committed to planning for online safety and digital citizenship, supported by Netsafe.


How the review works

There are seven Key Areas that will be looked at across the review.


Mahi ngātahi




Te tū māia

Te aromātai

For each Key Area, there are 2-4 Indicators of Effective Practice that describe groups of practices and activities needed for digital citizenship and online safety planning in schools and kura. Schools can assess which stage they’re planning is at by choosing from four options – Scoping, Establishing, Extending and Optimising.

To be a Netsafe School, a school must meet the Establishing stage or higher across the seven Key Areas.


Areas of focus have been identified, but not yet implemented. Indicators marked as scoping should be considered high priority areas for your school.


Approaches across the school are defined and documented. These are areas that you have covered the basics for, but could adjust or add activities to make your approach more proactive and strategic.


Planning is proactive, and policies and procedures are well-defined, documented, and clearly communicated across the school community. Approaches are planned with staff, students and community in mind and there are some opportunities for them to shape planning.


Planning is viewed as a strategic initiative including reviewing and improving activities. Policies and procedures are well-defined, documented, consistently implemented and reviewed for improvement. Online safety and digital citizenship approaches are created with staff, students and community.

How to use the Review Tool

You can use the Safeguard Review Tool in a group or as an individual, and you will need to create a My Kit account.

We recommend that you gather your school community’s views about your online safety and digital citizenship planning before starting your review. This will give you results that are more accurate and useful for your future planning. You can do this using the Safeguard Surveys.

PDF version of the Review Tool

There is also a PDF version of the Safeguard Review Tool, but we recommend that you use the online version of the tool so that you can keep a digital record of your schools’ results. Using the online version also means you will be able to use the Safeguard Planner and join the Netsafe Schools Programme.