Safeguard Surveys

The Safeguard Surveys help schools including kura to identify what is important to the school community, and where gaps in knowledge or confidence might exist.

The outcomes help schools identify what the school community knows about their existing online safety and digital citizenship practices and can help inform the review process.

Using the Surveys

There are three surveys – the student survey (Year 5 and upwards), the staff survey and the parent/whānau survey. You will need to have a My Kit school account to administer a Safeguard Survey, which is free and requires your school MoE number.

Sample questions

If I, or anyone I know experiences online challenge (e.g. bullying) at school:

  • I know who I can talk to about it.
  • I know how I can report it to someone at school confidentially (without anyone knowing it was me)

I am confident in: 

  • Responding to an online incident involving students, if needed.
  • Providing learning opportunities for students around online safety and digital citizenship.
  • The school has clearly communicated how I can contact the school, or report any concerns I might have about my child and the use of digital technology or online behaviours.
  • The school regularly asks about and provides me with information and supports about online safety and security.


It’s important that ethical and wellbeing aspects are considered when gathering personal feedback. Schools should consider:

  • Consent (from students, staff, parents and whānau).
  • Assurance that responses will be anonymous if using a survey.
  • Opportunity to opt out at any stage of a survey if students are uncomfortable with the process.
  • Information on what support is available should any student become concerned or upset for any reason throughout the process.
  • The intention for gathering information is communicated and includes how the outcomes will be shared with the staff, students, and parents/whānau.