The Netsafe Kit for Schools
Western Springs College

Netsafe Schools Surveys

Western Springs College Families/Whānau Survey. April 2021

We're committed to supporting our students and families/whānau to use digital technology and the internet safely and confidently.

Your feedback will help us to plan the types of activities and learning we need in future to help students and families/whānau. The survey has just 10 questions and your responses are anonymous.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact school or your child's teacher, and they can answer any questions or concerns you might have. We appreciate the time given to respond to the survey.

What is digital citizenship?

Below are examples of what digital citizenship includes, may be helpful when answering questions about online safety and digital citizenship.

Digital Citizenship involves – Knowing about and having confidence in:

-The ways people use digital technologies and the internet (e.g. using different sites/apps/digital tools to find information, and create content; connecting with others in positive and appropriate ways).

-How our actions and decisions can affect ourselves and others (e.g. how I comment or what I post online).

-The importance of keeping personal information and content safe (e.g. being careful about sharing personal details such as age and address with others).

-What online tools can be used to keep information and content safe (e.g. privacy settings, strong passwords, logging in and out).

-How to help myself and others when online challenges or risks happen (e.g. online bullying, online harm).