Everybody can play a part making the internet a better place by being a good digital citizen. If you want to go a step further and promote online safety activity to others, we have some suggestions to get you started.

Even a small activity at your school can make a significant difference. Have a look at the ideas below and then discuss your plans with your teacher.

Whatever you decide to do, please let Netsafe know. We are here to help.


Set up an online safety programme for the younger kids

Help the younger children at your school learn about online safety by setting up an event or presentation. There are lots of free resources you can use to support your event. You can set up a digital peer support programme and support the younger children as they start using the school’s technology.

Set up an online safety event for Parents

You can put on an event to show off your online skills to the parents of children that attend your school. This is a good chance to highlight the interesting things you’re doing with ICT at school – as well as helping them learn about the dangers online.

Go massive

These ideas are just starters. Nobody knows what it is like to be young and online more than you and you can use that experience to start your own project. You might be amazed what you can achieve.

Visit Sticks’n’stones or Project Rockit for inspiration. These are programmes started by people just like you.

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