In August 2018, Netsafe started looking for a group of young people to create a Youth Action Squad – Y.A.S! We put the word out on Instagram and had people from all around the country apply to be a part of Y.A.S. In a few weeks, we had an awesome Y.A.S group ready to share ideas about online safety from the perspective of young people in New Zealand. The Y.A.S now meet every month to talk about online safety, give advice and to explore ideas about how to make the online space safer for young people in NZ. You can keep up with the work that Y.A.S. do by following Netsafe on Twitter or Instagram @NetsafeNZ

Introducing the Netsafe Y.A.S!

Back: Bhajanpreet, Kelly, Shanai, Sarisha, Jessica. Front: Dominic, Emma, Sithmi, Angelique.

In October the Y.A.S! met in Auckland for three days for a crash course in online safety. The squad spent one day in training with various online safety experts, and spent the next two days at the The Crossroads Trans-Tasman Online Safety Conference listening and meeting online safety experts from New Zealand and the rest of the world.

The Y.A.S! meeting Kara Hinesley from Twitter at The Crossroads Conference.

Netsafe Y.A.S! in training with Tessy Ojo from the Diana Award in the UK.

Y.A.S in training with Dani Weber from Project ROCKIT.

Netsafe & Instagram Parent Guide launch

In celebration of Safer Internet Day 2019, Netsafe worked with Instagram to create a guide to Instagram for Kiwi parents. Five of the Netsafe Y.A.S. attended the launch event and spoke on a panel about young people’s experiences and challenges on Instagram. The Y.A.S. shared their experiences with media – see some of the coverage by Stuff online.

Some of the Y.A.S. on the youth panel facilitated by Mia Garlick from Facebook.

Bahajanpreet, Maddie (from Sticks ‘n’ Stones), Kelly, Emma, Dom & Sarisha at the event.

The YAS with with Netsafe CEO Martin, Hon Tracey Martin and Mia from Facebook.

Joining Y.A.S!

Applications to join Y.A.S. are closed at the moment, but follow us on Instagram @NetsafeNZ to keep an eye out for new opportunities to join.

Y.A.S. is for young people (13-18 years) from around New Zealand. Y.A.S provides ideas and opinions about what young people do online, the types of problems they might come across and what we can do to help young people to be safer online.

No experience in being part of groups like this? Don’t worry – no experience is needed. We’re looking for regular people who are keen to have their say and we’ll provide all the training you need. If you have an interest in digital tech (hello gamers, Snapchatters & people just doin’ it for gram), coming up with creative solutions, meeting other people and helping others then you’re perfect!

How do you apply

Applications are closed at the moment, but follow us on Instagram @NetsafeNZ to keep an eye out for new opportunities to join.

Who is Netsafe?

Netsafe is a New Zealand non-profit organisation focused on helping people to stay safe online. We help people with things like online bullying and abuse, leaked nudes and any other online problems that people need help with.

Follow us on Instagram @NetsafeNZ