How to keep your mobile devices safe and secure

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Our work on smartphone security

New Zealand media has recently featured a number of stories about happy laptop, tablet or smartphone owners who have managed to retrieve their lost or stolen devices with help from the police through the use of remote security software.

Mobiles and tablets are easy to mislay around the home and also popular with thieves being easy to sell on. But technology has evolved to offer smart consumers a myriad of ways to protect their expensive gadgets.

Prey on burglars

NetSafe has taken calls from police officers reporting the successful recovery of laptops where the remote monitoring application Prey has been installed. The open source offering lets you keep track of your phone or netbook, send out alerts, locate the position of the missing device and even snap a photo of the person using it.

Learn more about this software in the introductory Prey Project video below:

Malware and mobile security

Smartphone owners need to be increasingly aware of  the risk of malware harming their device, particularly Android owners where the open development ecosystem has seen new virus threats developed that target the operating system.

Google has taken a more open, crowd based approach to security than Apple’s iOS offering and it’s important that Android users ensure they keep their system up to date by patching or upgrading the version of Android their phone or tablet runs.

Installing an anti-virus product or security suite will help keep the phone protected as companies begin to focus on the need to block new cyber security theats.

Remote lock or wipe your missing mobile

Products from many of the well known security vendors now also feature the ability to lock down the device to avoid the lucky finder accessing your email or contacts and doing harm to your business reputation as well as your bank balance.

Companies that offer mobile security software include:

More advice and feedback

For more information on smartphone security check out the NetSafe blog and if you have feedback on any of these products or other ways you’re keeping your smartphones and tablets secure and protected leave a comment below.

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